Xsentr1q Story

Xsentr1q Story

Xsentr1q’s Vision

Xsentr1q aims to bring you the highest quality goalkeeper gloves. Our gloves come in a range of different cuts to suit every taste. We strive to bring you a glove that acts like a second skin providing comfort and flexibility. Our gloves will offer you unrivalled grip in all weather conditions.

At Xsentr1q we know we face a highly competitive and challenging market and strive to bring you the best possible goalkeeper gloves.

Using the latest technology in German latex foam, our gloves allow your hands to breathe and stay warm and dry in cold, wet conditions.

Xsentr1q gloves provide goalkeepers with customised finger protection and the foam bed prevents discomfort to the back of the hand.

Danny Milosevic introduces Xsentr1q

Danny Milosevic, a first choice Goalkeeper was born with a passion for soccer. Danny has had millions of people leaping to their seats in anticipation and has become a great ambassador for this great sport.

The list of Danny’s achievements as a Professional Goalkeeper are endless. Danny started goalkeeping at age 5, his journey in the game and his career path included professional stints in the German Bundesliga and the English Premier League with Leeds United before returning for a brief stint to the A­league. Danny was also involved with the national team the Socceroos and went on to captain the Under 20 Australian side to the World Youth Cup in 1997. Danny has also represented his country as Goalkeeper at the 2000 Olympic Games.

Danny is passionate about nurturing and exposing children to this fabulous sport and also owns and operates One2One Football which aims at developing goalkeepers, travelling with junior players overseas and imparting all of his knowledge onto the children. Danny is keen to hear from local clubs and to be able to bring Xsentr1q into the community.

Danny knows the importance of wearing the right goalkeeper gloves. When you are wearing theright glove a player feels confident and secure knowing that their glove will not let them down and allow them to play the best possible game they can.

This feel good, look good, play good factor was evolved by some quirky and Xsentr1q keepers by the name of Rene and Jorge. Rene Higuita known for his famous scorpion kick and crazy hair, and Jorge Campos with his lary outfits, are two such players that brought presence and eccentricity to the game.

The brainchild of Xsentr1q Gloves, Danny hopes to bring back some of that presence and prove that people of any size and character can succeed in this sport. It doesn’t matter who you are or at what level you play, Xsentr1q Gloves are for emerging players and current champions.

Following your passion doesn’t come easy, hard work comes before the reward. Danny has this passion in spades and the superior quality of Xsentr1q Gloves is reflective of this.

And so Xsentr1q was born.